About Burlington 4th of July Parade

About the Burlington MA 4th of July Parade

A little about the parade committee

The Burlington 4th of July Parade committee is a group of volunteers who believe we should have a parade. For many years the Town of Burlington sponsored the annual 4th of July parade. The Town’s sponsorship was discontinued because of budget constraints. The Burlington Rotary Club and Burlington Breakfast Rotary Club stepped up after a couple of years and organized and raised money so the annual parade could be brought back. In 2013 they announced that they simply didn’t have the volunteer base needed to organize and fund raise for 2014.

Mike Runyan, Burlington Firefighter and Selectman, put on another hat – volunteer chair of the Burlington 4th of July Committee. Mike enlisted the volunteers needed to support the effort. Our 2014 parade was great, despite the rain. The turnout along the parade route was spectacular, despite the rain. Each year the parade has grown in number of participants and extras, including fireworks!

Burlington 4th of July Parade Committee

  • Mike Runyan, Chair
  • Terri Clement, Treasurer
  • Don Flaherty
  • Sally Willard
  • Gary Cauldwell
  • Richie Sarno
  • Nicole Runyan
  • Paula McMahon
  • Janet Fitzgerald
  • Janice Archer
  • Al Fay
  • Vicky Kustov
  • Patti Robichaud
  • Andy Smith
  • Terri Keene
  • Ray Graber
  • Jim Doherty
  • Brendan Micciche
  • Michael Fazio
  • Nan Murphy
  • Bill Hitchcock
  • Ken Ramsdell
  • Don Broza
  • Mary Nohelty
  • Jack Cunha
  • Mike McNulty
  • Bob Perry

Our Sponsoring Organization: American Legion, Millican-Mackenzie Post 273

The American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime service organization. Since 1919, the American Legion has been advocating patriotism and honor. The American Legion promotes a strong national security, is committed to this nation’s youth, is a friend to the local community and has a continued devotion to the service members and veterans of this great nation. Advocating on there behalf, we are a strong, collective voice to our Congress.